When can I make an appointment with Buckled Baby?

Buckled Baby strives to be flexible with your schedule. Give us a call or send us an email with any special requests.

Where will my appointment with Buckled Baby take place?

Wherever you would like. You choose the inspection location, and a certified technician comes to you. We can come to your home, your work, or even where you purchase your car seat.

Will my local police or fire station install my car seat?

Maybe. However, it is very difficult to schedule an appointment. There are long waiting lists. Plus, you go to them – we come to you!

Can the San Francisco Fire Department install my child safety seat?

No. As of 2011, the San Francisco Fire Department does not install or inspect child safety seats.

Will the hospital install my car seat when I am discharged?

No. Hospitals are understaffed, and the hospital personnel are not certified to install and inspect your child safety seat.

May I give a Buckled Baby inspection as a shower gift?

Of course! We will even send it straight to the lucky recipient if you so desire.

Can I include a Buckled Baby inspection on my baby registry?

Yes. We think it is an excellent idea. One of our favorite resources for expectant parents is Babylist. This registry allows you to register for gifts from any vendor online – a great way to include important services along with all the gear!